Polyaire introduces the all new AirTouch 2


Following the success of the original Airtouch air control system, Polyaire Pty Ltd has developed its successor, the all new AirTouch 2.

The AirTouch 2 enables full control of your system from anywhere, anytime as long as you have WiFi or internet access. By controlling the air flow, you are not only saving yourself from uneven or uncomfortable temperatures in your home, but also potentially saving on energy bills.

We have designed the AirTouch 2 system in such a way so that it can be fully personalized to suit your lifestyle. It is designed to control and manage up to 16 zones from a central point, can provide full AC control for most major brands and can also control up to two AC units in the same installation.

All of this comes down to two things – everyone in your home will experience their own personal comfort levels at all times, and potential energy cost savings. This is the AirTouch 2 promise – total comfort and total convenience at your fingertips.

Product Downloads

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