Polyaire Launches New Air Control Website


Polyaire has launched a brand new website for its air control systems: airtouch.net.au

The new site is filled with useful information about ducted air conditioning, is easy to use, and most importantly displays the brand new product which will be launched very soon: AirTouch 3.

What sets AirTouch apart from any other home automation product is that it doesn’t try to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’, but is a Master of Air Control. AirTouch is the only smart air control system that was developed after extensive research into different homes across Australia. Since we live in a country with different climates across all states, it stands to reason that an air control system has to cope with this. Our systems are designed to work for Australian homes, coping with the needs of Australian lifestyle. Just as importantly, they add value to your home as a stylish hi-tech piece of home automation.

Apart from providing customers easy navigation across the website, we have also put up extensive product information which will help you choose the most ideal air control system for you and your family.

We are very excited with the launch of this new website and look forward to hearing how AirTouch adds value to your home.

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