The All New AirTouch 4


The AirTouch 4 has arrived at our shores. An integrated air management system that allows you to have total control over your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, it is the perfect solution for every home.

With many enhancements integrated into this new system, the AirTouch 4 will grant you comfort, efficiency and convenience. All at your fingertips.

It’s all new console is the star of the product. Featuring bright bold colours, it is an epitome of a smart automation that belongs in a modern home. A single gesture is all that’s needed to change the temperature especially with the design of a new slider on the Home Screen.

With enhanced zoning capabilities, you will save on running cost by being able to adjust airflow going into each room in 5% increments or alter the temperature with just a few taps on the console or from your phone or tablet.

The all new AirTouch 4 can control up to four ducted air conditioners and 16 zones across two different consoles. It is technologically adept – it lets you integrate with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. With Geofencing, the system will be able to shut off automatically when you leave home.

Did we mention that the console also acts as a home hub? It means you can treat it like how you would your tablet or phone by downloading apps which suit your lifestyle. You can order food, listen to music or even do some online shopping, all using the same gadget.

For those on-the-go, we have your back! You can use the AirTouch App to turn your system on or off, alter the temperature or even change your zone names. Basically, everything your console can do, the App can do too. And it is in sync. When the temperature rises, the App will notify you so you can make the necessary adjustments. This also prevents the system from future damage.

For homes which have uneven temperature throughout, having the Individual Temperature Control (ITC) will be very helpful. The smart wireless sensor monitors the temperature and smartly adjusts the airflow as needed maintaining ideal temperature, without having to waste energy on rooms already comfortable.

All this and so much more makes AirTouch 4 an all-around ideal smart air conditioning system for your home.

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