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AirTouch 3

Meet AirTouch version 3

Polyaire’s latest Air Conditioning Zoning innovation.

AirTouch 3 is a fully integrated air conditioner controller, that lets the user control their ducted reverse cycle system’s set point temperature, and manage up to 16 zones from 1 or 2 units. Featuring a stylish touch panel display and an easy to use interface, the AirTouch 3 is easy and fun to use, and can be personalised to any home, as zones can be managed and renamed as the user wants.

Control and Monitoring on the Go

AirTouch 3 features an updated smartphone app that can be installed on multiple iOS or Google Android devices. Just like the touch screen, the app lets users manage all their zones, and control the temperature. They can even turn on of off the system wherever they are – they can control, their air conditioner via WiFi at home or over a secure internet connection when away from home.

New to AirTouch 3 though, is the temperature alert function, which lets the user know if their house is getting to an uncomfortable temperature when they are away and sends an automatic alert with the option to turn on the climate control from their smart device.

New Individual Temperature Control (ITC)

AirTouch 3 is offered with optional Wireless Individual Temperature Control Sensors. These work like thermostats placed in each zone around the home and report temperatures back to AirTouch. In the event that a room is getting too warm or cold from external factors outside of the user’s control, they report the temperature change back to AirTouch, and the system will adjust the air flow in that area.

Precise Air control

AirTouch 3 now lets the user adjust each zone’s air flow in 5% increments.

Key Features

  • Option of 1 or 2 AirTouch panels
  • Control 16 Air Conditioning Zones
  • Control 1 or 2 Air Conditioning Units
  • Smartphone app for remote monitoring, alerts and control
  • Timer control

Product Downloads

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