Avair Grille

Avair Grille - Plastic

The Polyaire Avair Ceiling Grille has been designed to provide a versatile and practical louvre grille.

Designed with a purpose built integrated neck adaptor it can be manufactured to incorporate an air volume control balancing damper within the neck assembly.

A simple rotation of the grille centre engages theair volume damper allowing for adjustment of air flow from within the room.

Fixed spring loaded mounting clips allow for ease of installation, once the access hole is cut the unit is simply inserted and the clips engage automatically.

The Polyaire Avair Ceiling Grille will not corrode, fade or discolour and is highly suitable for domestic installation.

Avair Grille - Plastic

Item # / DescriptionNominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size (mm/inch)Spigot Size (mm/inch)
231001 / Grille250x250 / 10x10360x360 / 14x14Ø200-Ø250 / 8-10
231002 / Avair WandN/AN/AN/A

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