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Samsung believes that your home or personal space should be your sanctuary – a place where you feel most at ease and relaxed. Whether you are resting, entertaining or working, Samsung is committed in providing you the best air conditioning solution to suit your lifestyle.

Samsung is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to improve your air conditioning system, be it at home or business, so it runs smoother and at its optimum level. They’ve made it a goal to provide you the ultimate control of the temperature and airflow in multiple spaces – individually and independently by combining great aesthetics, advanced technology and great performance so all your air conditioning needs are met.

Whether it is ducted or a wall mounted system, Samsung Air Conditioners have been designed with the same passion for innovation and quality that has helped the brand be world renowned.

When it comes to ducted air conditioners, Samsung’s Smart Invertor Technology ensures that you experience minimal temperature fluctuations. They feature an 8-pole motor which reduces torque fluctuation to quickly reach maximum cooling speed. Its smooth operation increases efficiency, whilst cooling you faster. Its Quiet mode function helps to maintain a peaceful environment which can result in restful sleep at night. Built compact, Samsung’s ducted units are easy to install and has a 3-way service access for easy maintenance.

With the split systems, Samsung’s Boracay unit is aesthetically pleasing. Its Innovative 360-degree airflow provides optimal air conditioning, minimising hot or cold spots, contributing to fast and even temperature control. Then there’s also the quiet but efficient dissemination of airflow which when working in the background, providing a more comfortable and productive environment for everyone.


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As a trusted air conditioning solutions provider, Samsung have come a long way in ensuring that customers from all walks of life experience the ultimate comfort with reliable and efficient performance of its products. Samsung continues to invest heavily in Research & Development performance testing and quality control to deliver quality air conditioning system to the market so its current and future generation will enjoy the best in air conditioning.

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