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Ducted Gas Heating

What is Ducted Gas Heating?

Ducted gas heating is a central heating system which include various essential components that work together to collect cold air, heat it and push it through ducts into the open spaces in your home. In order for it to function the right way, there needs to be a heating unit, insulated ducts, a thermostat, grilles and register vents. Without any one of this components, the system will not work properly. The outlets and ducts are placed throughout the home, either in the floor or ceiling. However, the position of the heating unit depends on your house.

How this entire system works is that the fan located inside the unit draws in cold air and then passes it over a heat exchanger where it will be heated by a process referred to as gas combustion. Once that air is heated, it will be transported throughout the home using a system which pushes the warm air through a series of ducts that are connected to vents and registers in various rooms. A return air grille is installed to circulate air back to the furnace where the process can be repeated. The thermostat, which is usually in a main living area, will connect to the heater and instruct it to cycle on or off depending on the pre-set temperature. You can then control the temperature for your whole home or of specific rooms using a wall controller.

Ducted heating systems offer heating flexibility for property owners who want the whole house heated in the most efficient way. With a high efficiency unit, property owners can save a great deal on their heating by reducing their consumption. Ducted gas heating is also seen as an investment for maximized efficiency and comfort, especially in winter.

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