Ducted Gas Heating

Heating Running Costs

The table below gives you some approximate annual running costs for a range of types and sizes of different heating options:

Small room (10-15m2)

Suitable heater typesEnergy star ratingAnnual cost*
Small gas (3 kW)2 stars$155
4.5 stars$125
Portable electric heater (2.4 kW)N/A$450
Electric split system air conditioner (3 kW)2.5 stars$125
5 stars$95

Medium room (30-40 m2)

Suitable heater typesEnergy star ratingAnnual cost*
Medium gas (5.5 kW)2 stars$275
4.5 stars$225
Electric panel or fan (4 kW)N/A$825
Electric split system air conditioner (5.5 kW)1.5 stars$255
3.5 stars$205

Large area (60-70 m2)

Suitable heater typesEnergy star ratingAnnual cost*
Large gas (8 kW)2 stars$405
4.5 stars$330
Electric split system air conditioner (8 kW)1.5 stars$375
3.5 stars$300

Whole house (160-170 m2)

Suitable heater typesEnergy star ratingAnnual cost*
Gas ducted (23 kW) - not zoned3.5 stars$1,055
5 stars$980
6 stars$895
Gas ducted (23 kW) - zoned3.5 stars$790
5 stars$735
6 stars$670
Split system ducted (20 kW) - not zonedStandard$1,220
High efficiency$1,025
Split system ducted (20 kW) - zonedStandard$915
High efficiency$770

* Approximate costs per year, based on 900 hours usage. Based on electricity tariff of 27.7 cents / kWh, and marginal natural gas tariffs of 1.50 cnets / MJ (gas ducting heating) and 1.66 cents / MJ (gas room heating). Actual costs for your house will depend on the area heated, how long you run the heating for, your thermostat settings, how well insulated the house is, your energy tariffs and your local climate.

** Table sourced from Sustainability Victoria (2014).

*** Disclaimer: The tariffs and information above was produced for Victorian residents.

Compare star ratings

In order to find the most efficient gas heater to suit your needs, make full use of the energy rating labels found on gas heaters. Fundamentally, the more stars there is, the more you save. The lower the consumption number, the less energy you use and the more you save. To compare the annual energy consumption, use the number in the energy consumption box.

Buy to save in the long run

In the long run, getting the right sized heater or heating system for your needs and room sizes could benefit you and your family tremendously. Ducted heating can save you a lot as it will warm more rooms at the same time. Another way to save is when buying a gas space heater or a gas ducted heating system, make sure it is at least 4 stars. Lastly, do buy a unit with a thermostat and timer as you will see its benefits in the long run.

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