Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Return Air Grille (RAG-H)

The Return Air Grille otherwise known as RAG-H has been specifically developed for almost all ducted heating applications for maximum airflow efficiency.

The ceiling mount kits comes complete with a grille, return air box, clips and neck adaptor to suit either 300mm, 350mm or 400mm ducts. The wall mount kit comprises of a grille and metal installation frame.

The RAG-H can also be fitted with a filter to remove pollutants and air borne particles.

RAG-H Components

Item #DescriptionNominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size Metric (mm/inch)
231125RAG-H Kit 350 x 900 Wall Frame350x900 / 14x35950x390 / 37x15
231150RAG-H 370 x 520370x520 / 15x21425x575 / 17x23
231160RAG-H 350 x 900 x 35350x900x35 / 14x35x1950x390 / 37x15
231630RAG-H Box 370 x 520370x520 / 15x21N/A
442654RAG-H Supp Frame 360 x 917 x 30360x917x30 / 14x36x1N/A
442655RAG-H Supp Frame 410 x 560410x560 / 16x22N/A
664404Filter RAG-H 325 x 885 x 11N/A325x885x11 / 13x35x0.4
664405Filter RAG-H 360 x 610N/A360x610 / 14x24

RAG-H Kits

Item #Description
231117RAG-H Kit 350/300Components: RAG-H Grille, RAG-H Box, Neck Adaptor 350/300, Metal Mounting Clips
231118RAG-H Kit 350/350Components: RAG-H Grille, RAG-H Box, Neck Adaptor 350/350, Metal Mounting Clips
231119RAG-H Kit 350/400Components: RAG-H Grille, RAG-H Box, Neck Adaptor 350/400, Metal Mounting Clips
231120RAG-H Kit Wall FrameComponents: RAG-H Grille, RAG Metal Frame, Metal Mounting Clips

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