Air Conditioning

Choosing the Types of Air Conditioner

Whether you’re heating or cooling one room, multiple areas or the whole house, building a new home or renovating, there is a comprehensive range of air conditioners available in the market that can do the job. The challenge is to find the perfect solution for your home that ticks all the boxes when it comes to durability, reliability, energy efficiency, visual appeal, noise level and most importantly, your budget.

  • Room Air Conditioners
    Room Air Conditioners, also known as RACs, are the traditional form of air conditioning where they can be cooling-only or reverse cycle (heating and cooling). It is a box in the window or wall where the entire system is contained within one package and can easily be fitted to windows or openings made through the brick or timber walls to provide rapid low cost solution. This kind of system is not very popular anymore and is rarely installed as it is noisy and does not look appealing to a home décor.
  • Split Systems
    Since the invention of the Room Air Conditioner, air conditioning has meanwhile evolved into various other systems such as the Split System where the indoor fan and coil is mounted on the wall inside and the compressor and outdoor condensing coil is placed outside. Most Split Systems come in either cooling only or reverse cycle. This system will provide you the solution of heating or cooling one room or area of your home as and when you need to. This form of system, more often than not, is a preferred choice for most room air conditioning solutions as you can install more units in your home as and when the need arises because of its compact size. Another advantage of the Split System is that you can control the comfort level of your home using various features that comes with the system such as remote control, timer, humidity control, etc. Click here for more information.
  • Multi-Split Systems
    A Multi-Split Air Conditioning System is one which can cool or heat up to nine different rooms at a time yet allow individual control of the air conditioner in each. Most Multi-Split air conditioning systems are available in reverse cycle and cooling-only models and are ideal for houses with limited space for ducting. This system helps optimise comfort and saves on running costs as it only heats or cools rooms that you need.
  • Ducted Systems
    A Ducted air conditioning system is the complete home solution providing climate-controlled comfort throughout your entire home any time of the day. It enables you to heat or cool your whole house or just selected rooms which in the long run helps you to save on running costs. This is ideal if you’ve just built a new house or want one to be put in your existing home. This system works by having flexible ducting located in chosen areas throughout the house, distributing conditioned air to each room through the vents. The indoor unit is placed within the ceiling or under the floor while the condensing unit is positioned outside the house. So far, this system is the most visually appealing as you will not be able to see any objects protruding from the walls or ceiling inside your home. It is also less noisy compared to other systems. A fully ducted air conditioning system will not only provide you the ideal comfort levels of your home but also increase the value of your house if you wish to sell it one day. Consider it a smart investment. Click here for more information.
  • Inverter Systems
    Inverter systems uses Inverter technology to provide better comfort levels and noise efficiency by continuously regulating the temperature without the temperature fluctuations of a fixed speed air conditioning system and with a lower operating cost. Generally, Inverter Systems are approximately 30% more efficient than fixed speed units and can reach the desired room temperature quicker.Regulating the temperature continuously and eliminating the sharp fluctuations in the load means that the lifespan of the parts can be extended making the system more tough and reliable in years to come. Although slightly more expensive than the constant speed air conditioners, it is balanced by lower energy bills overall. The payback time is approximately two years depending on the usage. Most of the leading air conditioning system manufacturers today offer a range of MEPS compliant systems, meaning they comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MPES) stipulated by the government.

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