Evaporative Cooling

Tips for Operating Evaporative Coolers

As an average Australian home spends about 40% of its income on energy in heating and cooling appliances, we have brought you tips on how to operate and save cost when it comes to evaporative coolers:


  1. Ensure that all doors and windows are kept open in rooms being cooled, and that the opening is large enough to allow the air to flow freely outside – having insufficient openings will reduce the cooling effectiveness of the unit and may put too much back pressure on the fan.
  2. Reduce heat gain by opening windows and doors on the opposite side of the house to the hot prevailing winds where possible.
  3. If your unit has a timer, consider using it to switch the system off when cooling is not required.
  4. On days of high humidity, turn off the water supply to the cooler and run the fan only.
  5. Research done by Sustainability Victoria on air leakage from houses shows that the ceiling outlets can represent a significant source of air leakage during winter. What they discovered is that it can be mitigated by using a special cover to fit over the ceiling outlets which significantly reduces the air leakage.

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