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Copper – Pair Coil

Polyaire brings you STAARK HVAC Components.

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R32 & R410a Rated

Conforms to AS/NZS1571 Copper – Seamless R32 & R410a Rated tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.


  • Saves Time and Money
    Installation using pre-insulated Pair Coils reduces fitting time and gives a neater more durable finish.
  • High Quality Durable Insulation
    Manufactured from cross linked closed cell polyethylene with embossed polyethylene exterior for improved durability.
  • Make Installation Easy
    The insulated coating is durable and more resistant to abrasions than traditional materials. It is easier to install in tight spaces and reduces install time as the insulation doesn’t need to be measured, cut and threaded on as a separate job. Also, no glue, tapes or messy powder and no sealing joints every two metres – saving you time.
  • Jointing Information
    Pair Coil Copper Tube is recommended to be flare jointed.
  • Easy Transport and Storage
    The 20 metre or 5 metre coils are supplied with pink plastic end caps in rugged cardboard boxes for protection and storage. Sizing info is prominently displayed on boxes.
  • Bending
    If tight bending is required the insulation can be carefully cut back to fit the pipe bender and then replaced and glued or taped.

Pair Coil 20m Length

Item #Tube Size (inch/mm)Coil Length (m)
7471111/4-3/8 / 6.35-9.5220
7471121/4-1/2 / 6.35-12.720
7471131/4-5/8 / 6.35-15.8820
7471143/8-5/8 / 9.52-15.8820
7471153/8-3/4 / 9.52-19.0520

Pair Coil 5m Length

Item #Tube Size (inch/mm)Coil Length (m)
7475111/4-3/8 / 6.35-9.525
7475121/4-1/2 / 6.35-12.75
7475131/4-5/8 / 6.35-15.885
7475143/8-5/8 / 9.52-15.885

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