Air Control Systems

Air Control Components

Item #Description
657153VAV System - Zonemaster Single Zone
657154VAV System - NEAT 24V Transformer
657155NEAT 24V Transformer - Plug In
657157NEAT DC Power Supply
657160Data Cable 5m - Left Latched
657161Control Cable 7m - Centre Latched
657162Adaptor 6P6C Single, Left Latched (pack of 5)
657163Adaptor 6P6C Single, Centre Latched (pack of 5)
657164Adaptor 6P6C Double, Left Latched (pack of 5)
657165Adaptor 6P6C Triple, Centre Latched (pack of 5)
657187Adaptor 6P6C Double, Centre Latched (pack of 5)
55206024V 1m Motor Cable
657166Data Cable Roll
657167Control Cable Roll
657168Plugs 6P6C DEC, Left Latched (pack of 20)
657169Plugs 6P6C (pack of 20) Centre Latched
657170Crimping Tool 6P6C Centre and Left Latched
657171Crimping Tool 6P6C Centre Latched
657172Cable Tester Adaptor Kit
657186Supply Air Sensor C/W 7 Lead
657089Zonemaster Cable Tester
657095Control Cable 12m
657096Data Cable 12m
657094Control Cable 3m

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