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ZoneTouch 3

A key member of the ZoneMaster family, the ZoneTouch is a simple and efficient air distribution control system which facilitates enhanced comfort and energy cost savings.


Zonemaster - ZoneTouch V2 System

Item #Description
657250ZoneTouch V3 Main Module
657251ZoneTouch V3 Touch Pad
672286Expansion Module + Lead & Plugs (9-16 Zone Kits Only)
657095Control Cable 12m
657096Data Cable 12m
657154Neat 24V Transformer
657159Data Cable Kit


  • Control each zone in 5% increments
  • Control up to 16 zones
  • Personalise your system labels
  • Turbo zone function
  • On/Off Timer Program
  • Periodic service reminder
  • Ideal for new and existing homes

The ZoneTouch is designed to give you complete control over the amount of air provided to all areas of your home. You not only have the ability to turn areas on and off as and when needed but also control the volume of air, in 5% increments, delivered into each area. This helps the reduced area being conditioned to reach the desired comfort level much quicker and easier for your air conditioner to maintain. The big benefit is that by reducing the area you are cooling or heating, you also lessen the load on your air conditioner. So with proper zoning using the ZoneTouch, you could receive worthwhile reductions in the amount of energy your system consumes and have a power bill that can be a pleasant surprise.

One of the great features of the ZoneTouch is the TURBO function which allows you to direct most of the air to one particular area whilst not depriving other vital areas of air conditioning. So if you’re having a party and enjoying the company of your friends in perfect comfort in your living room, your children can still sleep comfortably in their bedrooms.

To make ZoneTouch even more personal to your home, the intuitive interface lets you rename and mange the zones as you want.

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