The Drop-X is used to connect the evaporative air conditioning unit to the ducting inside the roof.

Drop-X Kits

Item #ColourSize (mm/inch)
431100Terracotta Red550x1150 / 22x45
431101Slate Grey550x1150 / 22x45
431102Beige550x1150 / 22x45
431103Rivergum550x1150 / 22x45
431104Terracotta Red550x1150 / 22x45
431105Slate Grey550x1150 / 22x45
431106Beige550x1150 / 22x45
431107Rivergum550x1150 / 22x45


  • Watertight
  • Fits all current Domestic Evap Units (550x550mm Outlet Size)
  • Suitable for tiles and Colorbond roofs
  • UV stabilised Polymer will not rust
  • Easy to install:
    – No lead flashing required
    – No sharp edges
    – Common roof angles marked on the side of the body to help proper alignment
    – Lighter to carry
    – Unique Tile securing lugs to help with tile replacement
    – Rigid design is easier to install
    – Only 3 pieces for quicker installation
  • 10 Year Warranty

Drop-X Components

Item #DescriptionColourSize (mm/inch)
430660Adaptor Fabric Airsock Insert 4 WayN/AN/A
430661TEK 8x45 30 PackN/AN/A
430100Plastic Evap Drop AngleTerracotta Red550x550 / 22x22
430101Plastic Evap Drop AngleSlate Grey550x550 / 22x22
430102Plastic Evap Drop AngleBeige550x550 / 22x22
430103Plastic Evap Drop AngleRivergum550x550 / 22x22
430200Plastic Evap Drop StraightTerracotta Red550x550 / 22x22
430201Plastic Evap Drop StraightSlate Grey550x550 / 22x22
430202Plastic Evap Drop StraightBeige550x550 / 22x22
430203Plastic Evap Drop StraightRivergum550x550 / 22x22
430300Plastic Evap Drop FlashingTerracotta Red550x550 / 22x22
430301Plastic Evap Drop FlashingSlate Grey550x550 / 22x22
430302Plastic Evap Drop FlashingBeige550x550 / 22x22
430303Plastic Evap Drop FlashingRivergum550x550 / 22x22

The installation process is of utmost importance. It this is not done correctly and made completely watertight, it will cause leaks in the roof and cost damage to your ceiling. It is also strong enough to hold your evaporative unit for many years and through any weathers.

Polyaire’s Drop-X is made from high quality UV stabilised engineering polymers which are easy to install, lighter to carry, won’t rust and does not have any sharp edges. It is suitable for tiles and Colourbond roofs.

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