Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Double Deflection Register – Fixed Core

Double Deflection Registers are generally used in sidewall applications. They consist of two separate rows of individually adjustable vanes - front and rear.


  • Front Vanes – horizontal so the primary air leaving the outlet is directed above the room occupants and does not reach the occupied zone until well mixed with the secondary room air.
  • Rear Vanes – vertical and are used to direct the air in a straight blow or spread the air as required by the room layout. If required, air flow can be directed at an angle to one or both sides, and still retain a near-parallel air stream pattern.
  • Construction is all extruded aluminium horizontal and vertical blades, retained in a fixed or removable Core.
  • Standard finish is powder coat white while other finishes are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements.


Item #Nominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size (mm/inch)
244611300x100 / 12x4339x139 / 13x5
245528300x150 / 12x6339x189 / 13x7
244619300x200 / 12x8339x239 / 13x9
244613350x150 / 14x6389x189 / 15x7
244614400x150 / 16x6439x189 / 17x7
244615400x200 / 16x8439x239 / 17x9
245667400x250 / 16x10439x289 / 17x11
245668500x150 / 20x6539x189 / 21x7
245669500x200 / 20x8539x239 / 21x9
244618500x250 / 20x10539x289 / 21x11
245670500x300 / 20x12539x339 / 21x13
245671600x150 / 24x6639x189 / 25x7
244616600x200 / 24x8639x239 / 25x9
245672600x250 / 24x10639x289 / 25x11
245673600x400 / 24x16639x439 / 25x17

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