Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Floor Grille – Plastic

The Plastic Floor Grille is designed to effectively maximise the airflow performance of each individual outlet.


  • The ‘cross floor’ pattern allows conditioned air to be discharged at exactly the right angle to maintain room comfort.
  • Manufactured from high impact Polycarbonate which is extremely tough and ideally suited to heavy traffic areas.
  • Available in many colours to complement all decor
Item #ColourNominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size (mm/inch)
231101Beige300x100 / 12x4350x140 / 14x6
231105Baltic Pine300x100 / 12x4350x140 / 14x6
231100Chocolate300x100 / 12x4350x140 / 14x6
231107Cream300x100 / 12x4350x140 / 14x6
231103Light Grey300x100 / 12x4350x140 / 14x6
231104Slate300x100 / 12x4350x140 / 14x6
231073White300x100 / 12x4350x140 / 14x6

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