Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Floor Register – Plastic

The Plastic Floor Register features an updated closing mechanism with new twin dampers which allows accurate control of airflow and is easier to open and shut.


  • Easy to keep clean – does not collect dirt easily.
  • The twin blade design has the added benefit of deflecting air forward when the¬†blades are set at 45 degrees which minimises the need for separate air deflectors.
  • Made from material which is tough and can withstand household wear and tear.
  • Will not rust, chip, bend or fade.
  • Available in two sizes and various colours to suit all decor.
Item #ColourNominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size (mm/inch)
234576Regular300x100 / 12x4365x145 / 14x6
234577Beige350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8
234578Chocolate350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8
234579Mushroom350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8
234580Grey350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8
234581Slate350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8
234582Baltic Pine350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8
234583Cream350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8
234584White350x150 / 14x6400x200 / 16x8

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