Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Jet Diffuser

The Polyaire JAD Jet Diffuser is designed for the supply of large air volumes where long throw distances are required.

Polyaire Jet Diffusers are used extensively in large areas and high ceiling applications such as Sports Centres, Airports, Entertainment Complexes, Shopping Centres and Industrial areas.

Jet Diffusers are also used for Spot Cooling or Heating and the Jet diffuser can berotated by 180 degree by adjusting the core, changing the throw pattern from Jet to Diffused Mode.

The Polyaire Jet Diffuser is available as a single unit or alternatively multiple units can be mounted in a panel. Construction is from spun aluminium.

Standard finish is powder coat white while other finishes are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements.

Item #Nominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size (mm/inch)
245291Ø200 / 8Ø250 / 10
245292Ø250 / 10Ø300 / 12
245293Ø300 / 12Ø350 / 14
245294Ø350 / 14Ø400 / 16
245295Ø400 / 16Ø450 / 18

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