Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Linear Bar Grille – Removable Core

The Polyaire range of Linear Bar Grilles are normally used where an architectural blend of the grille to its surroundings are required.

Polyaire Model BG Linear Bar Grilles are extremely versatile and can be mounted in the wall, sill, floor or ceiling.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium the Linear Bar Grilles may be used for either supply, return, relief or exhaust systems and typically are suitable for installation in Shops, Showrooms, Hotels, Conference Rooms, Commercial Offices, Reception Areas, Sports Halls, Leisure Centres and all Residential Applications.

The Polyaire Linear Bar Grilles are available with multiple blade profiles that include a slimline blade as well as a heavy duty blade. In addition these blade profiles are available with deflection angles of 0°, 15° and 30° providing a solution for every application. Providing further flexibility is the availability of 5 different flange styles ranging from flangeless to 25mm flange.

Construction is of a fixed core, while a removable or hinged core option is also available.

Standard finish is powder coat white while other finishes including anodising are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements.

Polyaire Linear Bar Grilles are manufactured to order in various sizes and lengths including continuous applications with mitred corners.

Linear Bar Grille - Removable Core

Item #Nominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size (mm/inch)
247307400x100 / 16x4440x140 / 17x6
247308600x100 / 24x4640x140 / 25x6
247309800x100 / 32x4840x140 / 33x6
247310350x100 / 14x4390x140 / 15x6
247311400x150 / 16x6440x190 / 17x8
247312800x150 / 32x6840x190 /33x8

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