Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Opposed Blade Damper (OBD)

Polyaire Model OBD Opposed Blade Dampers are commonly used as a volume control device in supply, return and exhaust air systems.

Opposed Blade dampers are mounted directly behind the supply, return or exhaust air grille and provide the ability to be manually adjusted through the face of the Diffuser, Grille or Register.

Construction is from either Aluminium or Steel with a matt black finish Model OBD Opposed Blade Dampers are available in stock sizes and can also be manufactured to order in a wide range of sizes.

Item #Nominal Neck Size
545345150x150 / 6x6
545646200x100 / 8x4
545645200x150 / 8x6
545346200x200 / 8x8
545644250x150 / 10x6
545347250x250 / 10x10
545351300x300 / 12x12
545353350x350 / 14x1
545648450x450 / 18x18

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