Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Security Relief Grille

The Polyaire Security Relief Vent offers the optimum solution for the increasing market popularity of evaporative air conditioning systems.

The Security Relief Vent simply replaces the need to have doors or windows open to allow for the discharge of air during operation of evaporative systems. It provides for cool air to be directed into the roof space which has a secondary cooling benefit and ensures that the energy required for cooling is not lost.

The Security Relief Vent can be added to existing installations as required or included in the design of any new or proposed work.

Available in one convenient size to suit all applications the Security Relief Vent permits doors and windows to remain locked whilst maximising the benefits of evaporative air conditioning systems.

Item #Nominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Face Size (mm/inch)
231079525x350 / 21x14565x390 / 22x15
231054Mounting Clips - New (4)

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