Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Side Entry Box – Plastic


  • Manufactured using high grade engineered plastic.
  • Suitable for low profile ceilings/confined areas to minimise flow restriction due to sharp bending.
  • Snap on connection – no screws or rivets required.
  • Twin butterfly damper for balancing airflow.
  • Connects to 150 and 200 flex (230 square neck diffuser) or 250 flex (300 square neck diffuser).
Item #DescriptionNominal Neck Size (mm/inch)Spigot Size (mm/inch)
231700Adaptor MDO Plus SE Kit 150150x150 / 6x6N/A
231701Adaptor MDO Plus SE Kit 200200x200 / 8x8N/A
231705Adaptor MDO Plus SE Kit 300300x300 / 12x12N/A
231720Plastic SEB 230sq230x230 / 9x9N/A
231721Plastic SE Neck Adaptor 150 Butterfly230x230 / 9x9Ø150 / Ø6
231722Plastic SEB Neck Adaptor 200230x230 / 9x9Ø200 / Ø8
231730Plastic SEB 300sq300x300 / 12x12N/A
231731Plastic SEB Neck Adaptor 250300x300 / 12x12Ø250 / Ø10

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