Air Grilles for HVAC Systems

Square Swirl Diffusers – Model PSA

The Polyaire PSA Swirl Diffuser promotes high entrainment of ambient air into the supply air stream.

The helical airflow reduces air velocity and provides a consistent spread resulting in relatively uniform temperature, humidity and air quality in all parts of the occupied space.

During cooling the warmest air in the room is immediately mixed with the supply air and temperature variation around the space (hot & cold spots) is minimised. During heating, the high induction of the room air by the supply swirl ensures sufficient air diffusion to minimise stratification and stagnant areas in the space. They are suitable for use in both constant volume flow and VAV systems and are suitable for all types of installation in closed ceilings, above open grid ceilings and in ceiling panels.

The standard PSA is made of cold rolled galvanized plate steel powder coated white (RAL9010). Other finishes are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements. The face plate is 595mm square and suitable for surface mounting in the ceiling or alternatively as a lay-in for T-Bar ceiling installations.

Model PSA

Item #Face Size / Neck Size (mm)Q / A / V (mm/inch)
247090PSA Q 595/198595/23 / 198/8 / 120/5
247091PSA Q 595/248595/23 / 248/10 / 120/5
247092PSA Q 595/313595/23 / 313/12 / 125/5
247093PSA Q 595/398595/23 / 398/16 / 125/5

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