Split System Air Conditioning

Tips for Operating Refrigerated Split System Air Conditioners

With the average household energy use increasing yearly, we’ve come up with tips on how to keep the running and maintenance cost of your split system air conditioning system nice and low:

  1. Keep windows and doors closed when the system is operating to avoid wasting energy.
  2. Generally the best temperature to set your air conditioning to is around 24 – 25°C in summer and 17 – 19°C in winter. Every degree lower in summer will increase running costs by around 10%.
  3. Turn your system on only when it is needed and don’t leave it running when you are out during the day as this wastes energy and money.
  4. Avoid running your air conditioner all night unless you really need to. A fan is a cheaper alternative.
  5. Turn the air conditioner off when the outside temperature drops and open the doors/windows to let the cool air in.
  6. Use the economy setting if your system has one. It reduces energy use by maintaining moderate rather than cold temperatures in appropriate conditions.
  7. Keep the area you are cooling to a minimum by closing doors to other rooms not required cooling.
  8. Use portable or ceiling fans wherever possible. They are a much cheaper alternative and can also be used in conjunction with your air conditioners.
  9. Use the zoning options of a central cooling system if they are available to reduce the area of your house you are cooling at any one time.
  10. If your air conditioner’s compressor unit is exposed to full sun during the day, shade it with an awning, shade mesh or a similar structure. Be careful not to restrict air movement around the unit.
  11. Refrigerative air conditioners and evaporative coolers should be regularly serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to keep them operating effectively.
  12. Filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  13. Ensure any ducting is free of air leaks – escaping cool air will cool your roof space instead of the inside of your home.

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